Weekly Newsletter - 11th September 2023

Happy Monday Tribies,
How are you feeling? 

I'm feeling SO refreshed and ready for a great rest of the year full of goals, stepping stones and progress. 

First of all, my ski trip was...

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Weekly Newsletter - 17th July 2023

A note from Lindell:

Happy Monday friends, 

How are you? (really pause and check in with yourself and ask yourself 'How am I?') 

I'm AMAZING! I'm feeling amazing because I scored my very...

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Weekly Newsletter - 10th July 2023

A note from Lindell:

 The Fast Mama Tribe turned 4 on the 7th July! 

I really can't believe it!

Over the past 4 years there have been many lessons learnt and taught, pounds lost, ah...

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Weekly Newsletter - 3rd July 2023

A note from Lindell:

Half way through 2023!

Can you believe it! I can't.  

I had one of my best friend and her family fly in to stay with us. We headed up to the Blue Mountains for a...

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Tribe News - 29th May 2023

tribe news May 29, 2023

A note from Lindell:


Happy Monday Tribies and Happy Day 1 of our next 30 days. 

30 Days of possibility!

30 Days of progress!

All created by 30 days of practice. 

You can download...

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Tribe News - 22nd May 2023

tribe news May 22, 2023

Happy happy Monday my friend. 


It's the final days of our 30 Days of Practice. 

Many of you will be on day 28 or there abouts. 

What happens next you might be asking...

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Tribe News - 8th May 2023


Happy Monday Tribies.

This week my message is in video form and talks about the fear of overcoming overeating and over-desire. That fear of no longer using food to solve our problems. 

It's a...

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Tribe News - 11th April 2023

tribe news Apr 11, 2023

Happy Tuesday beautiful Tribies,

Easter has come and gone and how you feel today will really be created by how you think the past week went. 

You might be thinking "it didn't go to plan, I...

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Tribe News - 3rd April 2023

tribe news Apr 03, 2023


Happy Monday beautiful Tribies,

How are you? 

If you pause, sit, breathe and feel, what do you notice? What do you feel? 

I was reflecting today on how much I used to fill gaps of...

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Tribe News - 27th March 2023

tribe news Mar 27, 2023

Whoa, can you believe it's the end of March already? 

We're a quarter of the way through the year. 

And we're finishing 31 days of practice

This week I want you to evaluate your past 31...

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