Weekly Newsletter - 11th September 2023

Happy Monday Tribies,
How are you feeling? 

I'm feeling SO refreshed and ready for a great rest of the year full of goals, stepping stones and progress. 

First of all, my ski trip was amazing. We had such a wonderful time full of fun, laughter, challenge and  practice (of resilience). 

It was so cool to experience the week 5kg lighter than the year before and to notice the difference. 
But it wasn't just my weight that made a big difference, it was my fitness, mindset and emotional health that were all much improved too. 

I finished the week not sore at all, still full of energy and feeling great. Weight wise I was 1.2kg up which was nothing compared to my old average holidays. 

I enjoyed all the food that I wanted and just kept to a moderate range on the hunger scale. I even had breakfast each day. 

I experienced freedom from food, mentally and emotionally, and just had a whole heap of fun. 

I'm ready to kick the rest of my 2023 goals and I want to ensure each of you do the same too!

So this week we'll have a week of Evaluations + Celebrations after the end of the last 30 Days and we'll cover all the Basics that will make a difference for you in your weight loss. 

Then next week we'll kick off what will be the BEST EVER 90 Days in Fast Mama to date. 

Starting the 90 Days on 18th September and finishing on 19th December (with a couple of Evaluate+Celebrate Days in there) we'll be ticking off our steppping stones along the way. 

I'll have each of you identify where you are on the Success Path and I'll set you up with key focus for the week depending on where you are. 

Here's a short description of each stage of the Success Path: 

The Audience: If you're in the audience you are sitting back watching along as other people perform on the stage of life. You know you want to do the dance but you just haven't been ready to commit or you've committed and returned to the comfort of the audience for a bit. 
What I want to say to you is "it's ok to be where you are". There's no 'kick up the backside' that you need or a 'stern talking to'. What I want to give you is love, tell you you're already enough (even if you don't believe me) and hold your hand and walk with you to the side of the stage so we can move into Choreography. 
For the 90 Days we're starting you can absolutely start in the Audience. You don't have to rush to the stage straight away. I'll be here right through the 90 Days to help each Audience member move to choreography (and I'll do it 100 times if you need me to). 

Choreography: If you're in choreography you've decided you want to make some changes. You want to learn the dance moves and try to do them yourself. In choreography I often see Tribies expecting to go from the Audience and then dance like a Prima straight away (or what they think a Prima does which in their mind is strict diet, loads of exercise and long fasts). What I will help you with in Choreography is the basic moves. The pillars that you start to practice as small actions that build to become life changing habits. In the 90 Days we'll start small, bite size changes (don't worry, you'll make progress and I'm more interested in permanent progress), I'll get you focused on only the things that matter to you now and stop you from becoming overwhelmed. Choreography goes for about 14 days so if you drop the perfection and just focus on the practice you'll be in the Dance Troupe soon. 

The Dance Troupe: Once you understand the basics and decide "yes I want this for myself" or even just "I'm going to see what is possible for me" then you move into the Dance Troupe. In the Dance Troupe you practice with your troupe, you are supported through the first 75% of your weight loss (guide only) and you 'bit by bit' learn and tweak to step along your stepping stones towards your goal. The Dance Troupe is about practise and intentional living, mentally (thoughts), emotionally (feelings) and physically (actions). During your time in the Dance Troupe you'll reinforce what works for you and what doesn't work for you and you'll start to set your foundations for maintenance. 

Front of Stage: When you hit 75% achieved of your weight loss goal (as a guide but if you feel you need more time in Dance Troupe feel free to hang out there) you'll move to the Front of Stage. Up front are those dancers who have practised the moves (The 4 Steps) and are on their way to achieve their goals. Here we dive deeper into the Mental and Emotional obstacles, overcoming them so you can make it all the way to your goal. Although you already feel amazing and like you've won, we work together at the Front of Stage to ensure dancing becomes a part of your life forever more. 

Prima: Joining Prima means you've achieved your goal and we welcome you into the Prima Maintenance Group. Here you'll learn how we keep practicing, what makes continuing to dance each day possible for each of us and we'll support you as you practise your dancing each day too. 
By the time you reach Prima you know how you want to live your life, you know why you want to live it that way and you keep persisting with practice no matter what. 
Overall, in so many areas, the work and practise you've done throughout the past has been life changing for you and you are certain living life this way and shining bright IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. 

Tribies shine bright right along the Success Path, it's not the stage you're at that determines your shine, it's you giving yourself permission to shine. 

You will progress along the Success Path throughout the 90 Days. You may even move through a few of the stages. No need to rush it and be sure to CELEBRATE and CHEER for yourself as you progress. 

I don't know if you can tell but I'm SUPER PUMPED for these awesome 90 Days.
Will you be joining us?


Light up your life,
Lindell xo


Tribie Spotlight

I really want to highlight a fabulous woman in this weeks newsletter. I read her check in while I was travelling in the car (as a passenger) and I started to cry. It was such a profound check in that really demonstrated her growth, progress and how she's helped herself build confidence. 

Barbara McMullan - your Fast 5 Challenge final day check in is something to be proud of. Every step you took during the challenge, every step back up you took, incredible. Well done my friend. 

Here's what Barbara said in her final check in:

A late check in for the 5 day boost.
It's the first time in quite a while that I've completed a Fastmama challenge. I started plenty but never completed them.
Why is that?
I  realised a wee while ago that I'm prone to needing perfection. If I stumbled/fell then that was it! No point continuing! May as well finish that packet of biscuits that I started.
I thought I had managed to work through that but on reflection, see that perfectionism was behind my subsequent 'failures' even though I was so sure I'd dealt with it, that this wasn't the problem.
So what's different this time?
This time Day 4 saw me lose the plot because I hadn't properly planned that day's dinner. Before now, this would not only have ended my attempt, it would have seen me stuff my face with anything even vaguely edible. As it was, I did have 4 biscuits and crisps
Things I'd been learning on Fastmama flashed through my head. It was, I imagine, a bit like your life flashing before your eyes when you think you're going to die. Except for me, it was my future life, one of disappointment and depression if I didn't start loving myself properly, showing myself kindness and compassion and accepting that I don't need to be perfect to be worthy.
I put the biscuits back in the cupboard, went to bed, cried a bit, did a check-in without mentioning this epiphany because I didn't know how to handle it, cried a bit more and then slept through the whole night.

Well done Barbara. 


As you know our group coaching in the Fast Mama Program is unlimited.

You're ALWAYS welcome to get coached on our Group Coaching Calls and it's always our honour to coach you. 

There's NEVER a time when you've taken up too much space or reached a limit for coaching on these calls.

We recognise though, that Group Coaching isn’t for everyone and sometimes you might require more privacy or space to work through a personal challenge. 

I have been doing Private Coaching for the past 2 years but it’s only been for those who reach out to me asking for private help. 

I want to share with you how to get Private Coaching with me as I know there are more women who want that extra support. 

Why would you want to get private coaching?

Reset or Refocus: sometimes we hit obstacles that are blocking our progress and growth. Working with the tools in the Fast Mama Program helps but sometimes you just need private time and space to dial in, focus and address your specific needs.

You Time: Private time dedicated just to you, a time where we prioritise and work on what's important to you and your goals and help you overcome what's getting in your way of achieving them.

Privacy: Some things might feel too personal to share in a group setting and working through them is what you feel called to do. Our private sessions allow you to bring up any event, circumstance or any topic you want to get coached on, it's a safe space to work through anything you feel is holding you back from shining bright.

Make yourself proud: You might feel in a rut not making any progress and you’re ready to step up and make yourself proud. Private coaching can help you set bigger goals that you are willing to strive for and can help keep you focused on getting there.

Private Coaching session options:

Please be aware that I can only offer this in AUD. The converted prices above are estimates for the GBP and USD. 

I'm committed to continuing to support you on your journey to living the life you desire whichever coaching option you choose to use. 

There's absolutely no pressure to purchase Private Coaching sessions right now or ever; I want you to take your time, know it's an option and consider what feels right for you.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further at [email protected]


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