You don’t have to deprive yourself and grit your way to goal weight.

It’s not a possibility or result achieved only by a select few.


It's lasting weight loss possible for everyone.

All you have to do is follow the 6 Steps...

Be kind to yourself...

And keep going, be prepared to get back up every time you fall.


That’s it.

I walk you through every step from where you are today, to your Prima Goal Weight in the Fast Mama Tribe.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know, + everything you need to not do…

So that you keep going and don’t give up on yourself.


Successful weight loss isn’t hating and loathing yourself so much you’re full of determination.

Successful weight loss isn’t gritting your teeth and resisting your way through each day hoping the determination lasts.

In the beginning, you might not have the belief you can get to your goal weight.

And that’s OK.

I will help you build belief and grow YOUR confidence.


I’ve helped THOUSANDS of women embark on their last start, and finally lose weight while being kind to themselves.

I’ve found the SIMPLEST way to do it.

In the Fast Mama Tribe, we remove all the diet rules except the most basic + vital steps.

The ones you experience the MOST drama + doubt about:

💛 Falling and getting back up

💛 Being realistic especially with your expectations of yourself

💛 Being kind to yourself


We help you decide what you really want and get you moving with more weight loss and less giving up on yourself.

Learn the mindset that will get you to goal weight and keep you there...

Each of the 7 Modules inside the Fast Mama Tribe Foundation Program are designed to address every single foundational mindset shift that will stay with you beyond your first few pounds of weight loss, and when you hit goal weight + move into maintenance. These skills will make you better at setting your plan and showing up to it. They will help give you confidence that you can do it. Not only will you be capable of helping yourself lose weight, but you will also see positive changes in many other areas of your life too.

Enjoying how you lose weight is what permanent results are all about.

You learn these skills inside Fast Mama Tribe.


You might think that you aren’t ready. Or you may feel like a hopeless case – like you’ve tried that many times before nothing can possibly work. 


But all you need to focus on is stepping forward imperfectly because YOU want this and YOU’RE worth it.

When you lose weight positively you won't think... 

♦  "I'm not sure if I can do this"

♦  "I ate off plan I'll start again Monday"

♦  "I'm going to have trouble maintaining"

♦  "I've got so far to go"

♦  "losing weight is SO hard"


What you WILL think is...

💛 "I actually think this time is different"

💛 "I feel so great showing up to my plan and living this way"

💛 "If I fall down, no big deal, I just get back up and carry on"

💛 "When I get to goal weight I'll easily maintain"


So, you need to get started and keep going.

Where you are now is perfect. Your past attempts don’t determine your future. This time IS different.


Program Guarantee

You either get to your goal weight with our process, or we give you your money back.

Here’s why it works for everyone:

No matter your age, stage of life, or weight, the Fast Mama Tribe will give you the tools to lose weight and keep it off.

That’s because you’ll learn the principles of positive weight loss that I’ve developed over the last 3 years losing 26kg myself and helping over 1000 women lose weight and keep it off.


When you join the Fast Mama Tribe, you start with the simple goal of committing to your Last Start. Everyone has this goal, and we support each other to continue to show up imperfectly.


The process that I teach has been proven with hundreds of clients.

We focus on what is vital for you to lose weight and help you manage the mindset and emotions that can keep you stuck.


We give you unlimited coaching so that you get every bit of help that you need to keep stepping up and forward to goal weight.

When you join the Fast Mama Tribe:

 💛 You master showing up to your plan.

 💛 You gain confidence and make yourself proud.

 💛 You learn self coaching tools so you keep going to goal weight.

 💛 You lose weight. Period.

 💛 You start to live the life YOU want to live.


The way to get to goal weight and stay there is to love the way you get there and yourself.

A peek inside the Fast Mama Tribe:


The Details

 When you sign up for the Fast Mama Tribe, you’ll receive immediate access to the complete online portal. No waiting for modules, tools or lessons to unlock. Binge watch the whole Foundation course and some Masterclasses or take it one step at a time – it’s up to you.

Once you’re in the program, you’re in! You get access to all the the complete Foundation Program, past courses, Masterclasses, live coaching replays... everything. 

And the program is guaranteed. You either get to your goal weight using our process, or we give you your money back. It’s that simple.


The 7 Modules of the Foundation Program include:

Module 1 - Step out of the Audience- Get Set, Heart Set and Mindset
- Your Last Start
- Taking Measurements
- Making the Commitment and finding Compelling Reasons
- Results
- Your Future Self

Module 2 - Dance Through Choreography
- The Core Four
- Daily Realistic Plan
- Exception Plans
- The Hunger Scale
- Draw a line and move on
- Hello Scale

Module 3 - Join the Dance Troupe
- The motivational triad
- From Audience to Prima and EVERYTHING in between
- Beliefs and Stories

Module 5 - Self Coaching
- The Model
- Thoughts vs Facts
- Self Coaching
- The Process of Growth

Module 6 - Overeating
- Why we do it
- Binge Eating vs Overeating
- The Hunger Scale

Module 7 - Urges and Cravings
- Introduction to Beffering
- 100 Urges
- Write it down and move on


Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls 

Whether you’re getting coached yourself or learning from the coaching of others, group coaching is vital in changing the way you think and supporting you to manage your emotions. We coach on weight loss, setting your plan, goal setting, relationships, work, stress… anything and everything that gets in the way of you losing weight. These calls are packed with value and allow you to connect to a community of Tribies on the exact same path as you. Choose from 4 weekly live calls and join LIVE once a week (or more), watch the replay in our member portal, or listen to hundreds of past coaching calls on demand. 

Prima Hall of Fame 

Sit back and relax with a cup of tea as you hear from each of our Primas in our Hall of Fame. Primas are members who have achieved their goal weight and they share their journey's in interviews with Lindell. These Prima Interviews are a great way to realise it's possible for many people, to build your belief and your confidence in yourself. There's ALWAYS great tips and lessons that will help you on your Path to Prima. 

Our AWESOME Facebook Community  

 Whether you're checking in for your daily accountability, asking for help or support, or celebrating a win, our online community is the place to share. 
Use the support, experiences, celebrations, + encouragement found in the Fast Mama Tribe Facebook community. Our community gives you the opportunity to share, learn from others, and celebrate along the way to your goal. It helps keep you motivated by reading other Tribies check ins and hearing of their celebrations, being inspired by new ideas in meals and recipes shared and know you're not alone with our global community support. 

Planners and Workbooks

The Monthly Planner

This Monthly Planner has everything you need to set your goals, monthly, weekly and daily plans, collect important data and evaluate your month. Planning is a critical piece to your Path to Prima and this planner makes the journey easier.

The Best Life Book

Our Best Life Book contains many of our best tools and worksheets. It's a place for you to track your growth, help you overcome obstacles, work through plateaus and a single source for you to look back on and remember how far you've come.

60 Day Challenge Workbook

The 60 Day Challenge Workbook supports our full 60 Day Challenge Course. It's jam packed full of our latest lessons and tools including our all new Pause Method which is the number one method you will use to overcome emotional eating. 

BONUS Courses and Content

Slaying Self Sabotage

This program will help you uncover your self sabotaging behaviours and the thoughts and stories that are causing them.

The lessons, worksheets and tools will empower you to choose the goals and results you want and provide the path to making them a reality.

By the end of these 4 weeks you'll be certain, that with awareness compassion and practice you will get to YOUR Prima Goal Weight. 


Self Love

This program will help you see the possibilities for you to choose Self Love over self loath or disappointment. You will uncover the thoughts that don't serve you and step along the self love spectrum. No matter where you are today, there's always room to grow.

The lessons, worksheets and tools will help you build awareness around what level of self love you have in different moments, have compassion for where you are, choose self love and practice it.  

By the end of these 4 weeks you won't be able to help yourself to have a glimmer of love in your heart for yourself.  

Weekend Warrior Course

 I saw that the weekend was many Tribies weak-end and so I created the Weekend Warrior Course to support you through your weekend as you continue to set a plan and show up to it. 
We have regular Tribe Wide Weekend Warriors where we come together and all focus on a great weekend. 
With the Tribe or on your own the Weekend Warrior Course is a great support to make sure the weekend keeps you on track.

Other Courses and Masterclasses included: 

Our on demand courses and Masterclasses don't stop there. 

We also have: 
💛 Goal Setting Masterclass
💛 Overeating Masterclass

💛 Overdrinking Program
💛 Massive Action Masterclass
💛 Urges and Cravings Masterclass
💛 14 Days of Choreography
💛 100 Days of Becoming

and of course the latest and greatest 💛 60 Day Challenge Course and Workbook.

Join the Fast Mama Tribe NOW

You get on-demand access to the Foundation Program.

Access to our On-line Community of other women walking along the same path.

Weekly LIVE Coaching.

Unlimited Accountability through daily check ins.

And EVERY bonus training and course we have ever done in our online portal.

Your investment: 
USD $40 Per month
GBP £30 Per month
AUD $50 Per month


I've been where you are. 

In January 2019 I wasn’t happy with my weight.

I was always tired, uncomfortable… and thinking about what I was going to eat.

I tried to lose weight alllllllllllll the time.  Actually, every year I would set myself the goal to lose weight, but every year I would fail at that (at least 3 times!).

Work, kids and just life in general always got in the way and it all just seemed too hard to follow complicated diets or do intense workouts.

I was clinically obese and constantly searching for the secret to weight loss, but failing every time.

I had spent years trying every diet I heard of, losing and gaining the same 5kg/11lbs time after time and then somehow ending up heavier than I started each time.

I just couldn’t lose weight, I generally ate pretty healthy, but I just couldn’t say no to the crisps, the chocolate, the biscuits, the kid’s leftovers… thick butter on the crust offcuts… mmmmmm!

I genuinely had been overweight for so long; I didn’t believe it was possible for me to ever get to my goal weight or within a healthy weight range.

And then woke up one day and had it all figured out! 

Just kidding! I wish it was that easy but it wasn't.

I got started and I didn't stop.

I figured it out along the way. 

I fell MANY times and got back up.

And I never gave up. 

I flipped being motivated by self loath and disgust to self love and worth.

Once I made the flip and decided to make weight loss a positive experience, I lost 26kg/57lbs (which was nearly 1/3 of my body weight!).

I went from 85.2kg/188lbs to my goal weight of 59.9kg/132lbs (I'm 158cm/5ft2) and for the first-time in my life, I didn’t fear I would gain it back.

I didn’t just learn how to lose weight. I learned how to lose weight and keep it off.

I have created a lifestyle I love, and I know I can sustain for the rest of my life.

I've spent many hours and dollars on learning, creating, practicing, mastering, teaching and helping others lose the weight and gain confidence in themselves.

You can do it too!

And I can show you how.



"Belonging to a supportive community...and being able to login to zoom meetings and coach calls" - Helen

"Given me the self belief and the tools to succeed. Allowed me to fall and get straight back up. To join Zoom meetings and realise you're not the only one" - Pat

"Love being part of a supportive group. Having belief in myself that I can achieve my weight loss goals"- Jenny

"Being in the Tribe helped me keep my focus on why I wanted to lose weight. The live zoom meetings provide motivation, support and encouragement and provide a positive environment to communicate with other Tribies."- Carmel

"I don't use everything but I use enough for me. It keeps me on track, it helps me on the hard day’s where l just need to go back stage connect watch a video, read a few comments and once again I’m inspired to keep going. I love Lindell’s enthusiasm and encouragement. I have learnt so much about myself and especially how to love and accept myself. So grateful for this group." - Leonie

"Helped me to know I’m not alone in how I feel and that I’m not a failure I’m just learning, I love being part of a wonderful group that is so supportive and non judgemental and know exactly how I feel when I have tough days and make me smile and laugh" - Michelle

"Stopped the continuous cycle of loosing and gaining weight by transforming my mindset. I would not have achieved Prima without joining Tribies. Best thing l ever did for myself." - Lynn


Some Prima Success Stories


This absolute champion achieved Prima Goal Weight on the 24th September 2020. Jo is a founding member of the Fast Mama Tribe. She joined in the very beginning back in July 2019 and has shown up day after day. Stepping up and stepping back up. 
It wasn't a smooth journey for Jo but her ability to keep stepping back up no matter what got her to goal weight. 
Jo has lost over 40kg (88lbs) and shines so bright. She is such a gift to our Tribe.
The photo on the left was taken a few days before Jo's Prima Day. We celebrated her tucking her shirt into her jeans. 
Truly inspiring.


Angela joined the Fast Mama Tribe in 2019 at 98.5kg. She has been on quite the journey to get to her thriving self today.

In July 2021 Angela celebrated 1 year in maintenance and continues to live the life she chooses, being proud of and loving herself.

Starting Weight: 1st July 2019 : 98.5kg / 15.7.3
Prima Goal : 4th July 2020 : 69.8kg / 10.13.8
2nd Prima Goal: 4th July2021 : 66.5kg / 10.6.8

Angela had her first slimming aid at age 8 (a caramel chew to suppress appetite), was put on slimming pills by the doctor at age 10 and joined her first slimming club at age 12.

She’s had more than 40 years of yo-yo dieting and tried pretty much every diet you’ve ever heard of.

When she joined the Fast Mama Tribe in July 2019 her start wasn’t what she expected. She had to have emergency breast surgery late July then again in September 2019.

This didn’t stop her though. She had committed to her last start.

It’s been an absolute honour to witness Angela’s journey.

“I was happy being a bigger lady, but love my new slimmer me!
A year at prima is as big a triumph as losing the weight.
Keeping it off without the usual gradual relaxed rebound.
The key for me is staying an active part of the prima tribe as much as this way of life.
Weight loss is not just about the loss it’s also being able to keep it off. The lasting and final solution 💕💕”.



"So I’ve hit the gold button and reached my prima goal.

Lots of reflections on the last few months and getting to this point.⁠

I’d known and followed the MM way of eating before and done pretty well, as is the same for lots of us, life got hard and I put most of it back on. ⁠

I then lost most of it again for my 50th birthday in 2019 (but never got below 12st 9lbs before), and then lockdown happened and up it went again. ⁠

Up and down, up and down...⁠

I was doing okay ish when I happened upon Lindell and the tribe. ⁠

Decided to try the 5 day challenge with this crazy Australian lady... ⁠

was sceptical on Monday.... ⁠
and by Thursday I was all in and I signed up as soon as I could. ⁠

And that has been the best thing I’ve done in a very long time.⁠

I started on Oct 5th 2020 with the fast 5 challenge.⁠
Starting weight 14st 7lbs (203 lbs)⁠
Prima weight (Mar 16th 2021) 10st 10lbs (150 lbs)⁠

150 has been a goal for well over 20 years.⁠
And being post menopause I thought it was impossible to achieve. ⁠

Having a tribe who support you whatever going on is the best feeling. I know we’re all awesome but this support is amazing. And Lindell’s energy at the helm is fantastic.

Thanks for everyone’s support. It means the world"


It's my honour to celebrate the absolutely amazing Sally-Ann. Here's part of her story as she tells it:

"Well, where do I start? I have been dieting on and off since I was about 17 when I heard someone say ‘What is that girl with the fat legs called’? I was probably a size 14!

I have done Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Lighter Life, you name it, I have done it. When I was 49 I lost a lot of weight quickly with Lighter Life but it all gradually piled back on again.

On January 1st 2020 I was packing to go skiing the following morning and when I tried my very stretchy ski pants on they didn’t fit, there was about a 3 inch gap over my stomach. I was so shocked and had to borrow a pair off a friend. 

Whilst I was on holiday skiing I gained more weight and the night before I returned I decided ‘Enough is Enough’ and signed up for the Fast Mama Tribe. I was ready.

I set myself a goal to be 10 stone by 4th July. I did it 4 days early by focusing, listening to the lessons putting them into play and kept going.

I have learnt so much from the lessons about patterns and in the past I would have reached my goal, stopped weighing and gone into denial and put it all back on again. I love the fact that if I fall, and I did so many times, I can get straight back on. I am now maintaining. The best thing for me is that I can open my wardrobe and wear everything in it!"


"Today is Prima Day!

I started on the 23rd August 2020 so it has taken 5.5 months and although I thought I would reach my goal, I can’t believe I’ve actually done it.

Here are the stats:
SW: 12st 10.2lbs / 179.2lbs / 80.83kg
EW: 8st 6.8lbs / 118.8lbs / 53.9kg
Total loss: 4st 3.4lbs / 59.4lbs / 26.93kg

Start Size: UK Size 16
Current Size: UK Size 8

Start BMI: 32.5 (obese)
Current BMI: 21.77 (healthy weight)

Start: Less than a minute!
Current: 5km (45 minutes)

The first photo is me on the 23rd February 2020 and the photo that triggered the desire to lose weight. I don’t know how much I weighed because I refused to get on the scales (total denial) but I suspect more than my official start weight.
The second is me today in my Prima target dress. I last wore this 6 years ago.

Just starting to reflect on the journey. It is one that I have enjoyed on the whole (apart from the last half stone). I wanted to lose the weight to become healthier, fitter and more comfortable with myself. It is safe to say that I have achieved all of those things.

For anyone just starting out or struggling with their journey, please be encouraged that this way of eating does work. There will be ups and downs but you can do it. It’s ok to have a bad day or few days, don’t be hard on yourself, pick yourself back up from where you are and keep going. Take some time to work on your mindset too. It seems to me it’s as much about that as it is about the weight.

Thank you so much to everyone for your support on the weight loss phase of my journey and for all your encouragement and cheering. One of the things that I have learnt is that this is much better with a Tribe around you than it is on your own. I look forward to that on-going support as I take up the new challenge of maintenance!

You’re all amazing, you’ve all got this and I look forward to celebrating with you when it’s your Prima Day too.xx"


Started January 2020, after another Christmas and a New Years resolution to lose weight (same as last year, and every year I can remember) shes and has not looked back.

"Initial goal weight was nothing scientific, it just looked like you could loose 20kg in around 12 weeks, so I set my goal at that 30kg/, nearly 70lbs, 5 stone. It seemed a long way off.A trip to California after week 3 for work saw 7lbs go back on, but when I got home I started back at Week 1 again. Why? - because even after such a short time off, my body felt sluggish and bloated on too many carbs. Since then I haven’t looked back, and this is the easiest way of losing weight ever (and I have done them all!)

I have reached that goal I set, and I feel amazing.

I've lost a few more pounds to create that buffer and I'm now practicing maintaining this, as I am determined that this was my last start.

If you are ever in doubt you’ll get there, just keep going, as Lindell Pereira says ‘just 2 good days’, and do this for yourself."


Read this far and still on the fence?

Email [email protected] to ask any questions you have.