Tribe News - 22nd May 2023

Happy happy Monday my friend. 


It's the final days of our 30 Days of Practice. 

Many of you will be on day 28 or there abouts. 

What happens next you might be asking yourself. 

First of all, let's finish off the 30 Days. Close them out how you want to live life. 

Even if you feel like you fell down and are waiting for the next challenge.

Even if you have done incredible these past 28 days. 

Everyone will benefit from closing out the 30 days. 

At the back of the 30 Days Planner are 3 important pages:
- End Snapshot
- Final Evaluation
- Final Close

Fill these in no matter how you think you went. You might be surprised. 

I want to remind you of the focus these past 30 days too:
- Set a play
- Record and track
- Practice the hunger scale. 

The month is designed with these 3 steps as they help begin slowly undoing the mindset, habits and behaviours that create a life of over-desire and overeating. 

Transforming your average behaviour and mindset to one that equals your goal weight doesn't happen overnight. But practicing (imperfectly at times) what we teach you will step you closer and closer. 

We will begin our next 30 days on Monday 29th May. 

What do you do between the end of this 30 days and the beginning of the next? Keep practicing of course. 

This next month will be focused on mindset. 

We will lay the foundations for (or build upon) your thought work. 



A (repeated) note to anyone who thinks their not going well, anyone who is trying to 'sort themselves out' especially if you're trying to do that before you come and get coached... STOP! 

Stop trying to 'fix' yourself and 'correct' yourself. 

We are all equal here.

Not one of us is superior to another.

We are all humans, in a Tribe community learning, growing and living.

We are all imperfect and real. 

Please please please don't wait to be 'better' before you put your hand up for help.

Don't wait to be 'better' before you start living your life. 

Life waits for no one. 

And I've spent too much money and time investing in my coaching skills for you not to use them.

Show up as you are and receive my help.

Also, you have permission to receive my help when you are on track and things are going great too. 

There's seriously no requirement for coaching other than being able to hear each other on the line. 

In summary: Don't wait, get coached.

Let's have a wonderful week of practice and progress Tribies.

Love Lindell xo



Call Time Updates

Reminder that Group Coaching #3 (Amanda's call) has been changed. 
The call is now:
Sydney - Friday 5am
London - Thursday 8pm
New York - Thursday 3pm

Also, starting this week the Prima Call (Week B) will move from Wednesday to Thursday. So will be:
Sydney - Thursday 7pm
London - Thursday 10am
New York - Thursday 5am

Week A calls remain the same.

All calls and times are in the What's On Calendar here: as well as in events on facebook.


What's On:

To find out what's on and see the times in your local time zone check the 'whats on' section of our Backstage area here:



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