Tribe News - 7th November 2022

Happy Monday Tribies! 

What an awesome week kicking off our 28 Day Boost. So much progress being made on and off the scales. Progress from women who are brand new to the Tribe and women who have been here for some time learning and practicing. 

No matter whether you've just joined us today or you've been with us for a couple of years, none of that matters. All that matters is that you are here today, right here where you are, and you have the desire to step forward and improve your health (or maintain if you're a Prima). 

You past doesn't have to define you. In fact, it can't when it comes to weight loss because not one person in the Tribe has ever been able to maintain up until your Last Start. 
What matters is being here today making progress. Having moments, days and weeks better than your old average. 
Changing your mindset bit by bit until you become the version of you who is living life the way you want to live. (It's SO crazy how one day you will realise you are her, it creeps up on you and then BAM you are her! So keep going no matter what, no matter how many times you feel like you've failed, just keep going). 

Let's continue with another amazing week of practice and progress.

I'm lit up witnessing you make progress, and I'm totally invested in your journey as I live my purpose through the Tribe "to radiate joy and passion and light up my life and others through love, laughter, growth and vitality". 

Light up your life.

Lindell xo


Last Week:

Last week we welcomed new Tribies into the Tribe and we started our 28 Day Boost with a Kick Off Call. 
We had 4 Group Coaching Sessions and 1 Prima Group Coaching Session. 

If you missed any of those calls you can catch the replays here

The 4 key practices in this boost will change all areas of your life.

If you focus on doing better than your average and:

- Plan
- Record
- Thought Work
- Feelings Work

You will make progress.

Visit the 28 Day Boost page to get all the details you need and download the Planner. 

I converted the Planner into a Fillable PDF this week too. Download your copy at:


If you're new to the Tribe, or returning after some time away, the best place to start is with the 28 Day Boost. Keep it simple, just the 28 Day Boost and you will be well on your way.

There's lot's of other lessons and masterclasses to watch Backstage but they'll be there for you another day.
For these 28 Days, focus on the Boost.

If you are unsure of the time for you check the 'whats on' section of our Backstage area here:


This Week:

Weekly Evaluation AND Celebration: 💃🥳💃🥳

Evaluation and Celebration is the 6th Step in our Process and it's just as important as the other 5 steps.

When we evaluate we are able to see, from a detached place, how the week as been.

Use the Weekly Evaluation in your 28 Day Planner. Fill it in and collect more information.

We start with wins and what worked because our brain always skips this step and we miss the whole point of why we're doing this, to feel amazing and proud. It may feel uncomfortable and unnatural at first but practice will help make it easier.

It's really helpful to have your planner from last week available for this exercise. Notice if it's filled in or empty, partially filled with gaps (notice what these gaps are).

Capture for yourself and share in your daily check in if you'd like:
- My 3 wins I want to acknowledge from this week and celebrate were:
- What worked this week:
- What didn't work:
- What I will do different next week:
- This is important to me because:
- 3 Thoughts I want to practice are:
- This week my goal is:





**This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.**

Someone who understands you, who holds you accountable, who checks in on you if you've been missing in action, and who you can share wins and falls with.

They know what you're going through, because they are too, no matter what weight each of you are at, the challenges are similar.

I've had a number of accountability buddies over my journey. Some at the same time, some every other month. I've found the switch in buddies has helped me keep motivated.

If you want to switch it up you can, if you want to keep your current buddy you can do that too.

Here in the Fast Mama Tribe it’s not personal if you want to explore. It can be motivating switching it up.

Find a partner that works for you. Try on different buddies, maybe a new buddy each month will motivate you most.

Like a good pair of jeans, find what fits you best.

Ready to try a buddy?

Comment on the facebook post HERE.
Share a little about you, how you like communicating, how often you want to check-in and anything else that gives people a good idea what you want and need.

If you see someone you want to buddy, comment and ask them.

Not on Facebook? Email [email protected] 

This week Kimberley Simpson will be matching up everyone who has requested a buddy (but hasn't got a match yet) and introducing each of you to your new buddy.


Tribie Spotlight: Everyone who checked in Sunday!


Sundays seem to be our lowest Check In day so today we shine the spotlight on all the Tribies who checked in this Sunday. A massive well done to each of you!

A massive well done to each of you. 

Check ins don't mean 'you're showing up to confirm you were on plan'. They are a moment in your day where you show up and acknowledge where you are, no matter on or off plan. Each time you check in you're gifting yourself a pause in your day, a moment of reflection. 💛

Use the Check ins if they work for you. If you think they'll add anything positive to your day, use them. 

To the wonderful Prima's who checked in in the Prima group on Sunday, a massive well done to you too. 
I see you all 👀 🤣 and I love you all 💞.


What's On:

To find out what's on and see the times in your local time zone check the 'whats on' section of our Backstage area here:

I'll finish this weeks newsletter with a poem from the one and only amazing Donna Ashworth:


The fuel for your fire is homemade:

a self-accepting thought
a peaceful afternoon
a good deed done
a beloved memory shared
a song that sparks your heart
a treat for your soul
a rest for your weary bones
a break from criticism
a moment spent in love.

All of these things
stoke the flames
that drive you on.

Keep that fire burning brightly. 

You may not even know this
but your light
leads the way
for so many.



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