The Final Countdown of 2020! 💃🥳🌟


We're counting down the last 5 weeks of 2020. We're making the most of them on and off the scales and I'd love to have you join us 💛

My goal for you on this final countdown is not only weight loss but to have many winning results.   My hope for you over the next 5 weeks is to reduce the self-judgement, doubt and disappointment, and increase your self-love, pride and belief. To grow your confidence and practice feeling your feelings.   You're not going to be 100% perfect over the next 5 weeks.   99% of you will fall.   The biggest win will be in getting back up. Forgiving yourself fast and keeping on going.   To kick off the Final Countdown, let's reflect 🌟

  • Where/who were you at the beginning of 2020?
  • What is one of the biggest changes as to where/who you are today?
  • What is a winning result (not weight loss) that you want from the next 5 weeks?
  • What's your bonus result (weight loss) you want over the next 5 weeks?


Here's some entries from Tribies in the Fast Mama Tribe who are kicking off the Final Countdown today:

Tips for the final countdown:  

  1. Set yourself a daily realistic plan everyday, the day BEFORE.
  2. Show up to your plan
  3. Forgive yourself fast if you don't follow your plan 100%
  4. Keep going

Need more help?
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Make yourself proud over these last 5 weeks of the year. 

You can do it.

Light up your life!

Lindell xx


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