Weekly Newsletter - 28th August 2023


Happy Monday my friend,

I hope you had a lovely weekend ❤️

I cleaned out my wardrobe (it's so organised and neat), my bedside table and my dressing table drawers. Gosh it feels good. I did a deep clean under my bed, window tracks and bottom of wardrobe.

It reminded me of all the things that change in our lives when we live intentionally.

I often see women who join our program and are doing well, start to do things they've been meaning to do for a long time.

The ripple effect, it's so great.

I think my motivation came from a week of setting my plan publicly and showing up to it (you can read about in on the facebook check ins or here backstage https://www.fastmamatribe.com/blog/lindell-s-10lbs-weight-loss-week-1). 

I even ate a bit off plan on Saturday and Sunday and I still lost 1.65lbs. 

The best part is that it felt like a really easy week. There was no deprivation. 

I can see room for improvement on the weekends but all up it was a week better than my old average AND with weight loss. 

And I'm not sharing this to boast (although I'm proud of myself), I'm sharing this because I want you to be using and following the steps...because they work!

Last week we explored Step 1 - Know what you want. 
Watch Call #1 replay here https://www.fastmamatribe.com/products/call-replays/categories/2151520095/posts/2170528624 if you haven't completed this step and you don't know your goal or next stepping stone.

It's SO helpful and important for your progress to do this step. And to read your goals, anchors and know your stepping stones each day. 

One thing I want to highlight that came up in coaching last week was Tracking. TRACK TRACK TRACK especially if you have eaten off plan. When you eat off plan that's THE BEST TIME to collect the information so you can mine 'what happened' and find all the gold nuggets that will help you. 

Collecting just the information of what IS working for you when you're on plan isn't as helpful as collecting information of what IS NOT working. 

The key is to not judge. To have kind compassion and explore. 

In call #2 I taught you have to troubleshoot using the 4 steps:
If you're not getting the results you want you can troubleshoot through the 4 steps:

1 - Do I Know what I want?

2 - Am I Setting a (realistic) plan?

3 - Am I Showing up to my plan? (if this a no then the next question is "how do you know? are you tracking and can prove that you aren't?)

4 - Have I Evaluated recently? What CAN I Celebrate?


After a week of setting aside time to spend planning and tracking I'm feeling so confident, supported and certain of my goals. 

And it's not been magic or luck that has me feeling confident, it's just me following the 4 steps. 

And I'm confident you can achieve your goals following the 4 steps too. 

Let's keep going! 

I'm excited to celebrate all the wins coming up for us all in September. 

Next week I'm away with my family skiing and for the first time ever (in the past 4 years) I'm going to take the whole week off. 

But that doesn't mean I'm forgetting about you. It just means I won't be on any calls. 

I have set up a members only Fast 5 Challenge for you all 🥳 this challenge will see you close out the 30 days of practice. It'll start Monday and you'll get an email each day encouraging you through the week. 
There'll be daily check ins and posts as well. 

Amanda will be coaching for you on call #3 as usual then we'll return to kick off our next 30 days of practice. 

Living life intentionally is SO worth the effort compared to living unintentionally. 

If you feel amazing...KEEP GOING! 

If you feel like crap, all it takes is 2 days of setting your plan and showing up to turn that around. 

Seriously, just 2 days to feel awesome again. You can totally do that. Let's go! 

Light up your life,
Lindell xo


As you know our group coaching in the Fast Mama Program is unlimited.

You're ALWAYS welcome to get coached on our Group Coaching Calls and it's always our honour to coach you. 

There's NEVER a time when you've taken up too much space or reached a limit for coaching on these calls.

We recognise though, that Group Coaching isn’t for everyone and sometimes you might require more privacy or space to work through a personal challenge. 

I have been doing Private Coaching for the past 2 years but it’s only been for those who reach out to me asking for private help. 

I want to share with you how to get Private Coaching with me as I know there are more women who want that extra support. 

Why would you want to get private coaching?

Reset or Refocus: sometimes we hit obstacles that are blocking our progress and growth. Working with the tools in the Fast Mama Program helps but sometimes you just need private time and space to dial in, focus and address your specific needs.

You Time: Private time dedicated just to you, a time where we prioritise and work on what's important to you and your goals and help you overcome what's getting in your way of achieving them.

Privacy: Some things might feel too personal to share in a group setting and working through them is what you feel called to do. Our private sessions allow you to bring up any event, circumstance or any topic you want to get coached on, it's a safe space to work through anything you feel is holding you back from shining bright.

Make yourself proud: You might feel in a rut not making any progress and you’re ready to step up and make yourself proud. Private coaching can help you set bigger goals that you are willing to strive for and can help keep you focused on getting there.

Private Coaching session options:

Please be aware that I can only offer this in AUD. The converted prices above are estimates for the GBP and USD. 

I'm committed to continuing to support you on your journey to living the life you desire whichever coaching option you choose to use. 

There's absolutely no pressure to purchase Private Coaching sessions right now or ever; I want you to take your time, know it's an option and consider what feels right for you.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further at [email protected]


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