Weekly Newsletter - 21st June 2024


A note from Lindell: 

Happy Friday Friends, 

How's your week going? 

I was excited to share the complete Module 1 with you this week on our Live calls. 

One of the most important concepts I taught was that of focusing on improving your average and measuring your progress. Be sure to catch the replay if you missed it:  https://www.fastmamatribe.com/products/the-foundation-program/categories/2155492468

Next week on the live calls I'll be teacher Module 2: Know what you want. The lessons are the foundation building blocks that set you up for progress. We'll break down your big goals and set your mindset up to start or continue chipping away at them. 

I've been thinking of running a challenge soon too and would love to hear from you:
A) if you like challenges 
B) if you think challenges improve your average overall or create more 'all or nothing' behaviour.
C) what length of challenge is your favourite. 

Reply to this email to let me know your thoughts. 

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend full of fun, memories and laughter. 

Lot's of love, 



What's On:

To find out what's on and see the times in your local time zone check the 'what's on' section of our Backstage area here: www.fastmamatribe.com/whatson 


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