Tribie Question: Last start. How do I believe (with integrity) that this is true?

Tribie Question: Last start. How do I believe (with integrity) that this is true given I’ve been fussing around with little real commitment at the edges for three months? No weight change. No real consistent anything. Haven’t even planned for more than 4 days in a row.

I know it feels hard. To get myself in the mood feeling committed I would
- set a general fast, base and feast plan so you have guidelines even if you don’t write down a detailed food plan one day. Then you are on your general fast plan and know what’s on it. So not planning each meal in detail won’t make you fall off plan as often.
- accept that this being you last start it will (or might) take longer than weight loss before because you are doing in a different way. You are changing you thoughts and feelings about your body, food, behavior, diet etc. it takes longer than white knuckle through a fad diet for a couple of weeks. You are doing the work, and that is also the reason that you will get there and be able to live there this time. I thought I would be at prima 8 months ago 🤣 I ended up going into summer with a 10-13 kg loss and realized that the best thing for me was to practice maintenance over summer. “Loosing” 3-4 months of potential weight loss. But I learnt so much from it. And in the past I would have gained it all back instead. Give yourself time.
- stay connected. Chat with a buddy. And watch replays. In the beginning and I watched a replay almost daily. I will check my notes and give you date on some of the 🌟 episodes.
- create a mantra/power thought. “I know what I want and I know what works” “I trust the process“ are some of mine. Lindell often uses the phrase “I’m becoming a person who….” and that great if you don’t 100% believe in it.
- by the end of it these 3 months will have thought you a lot. I had a gain 0,3kg from prima (a bit of white knuckle 3-4 weeks before) and then gained 5 kg back. I was devastated. But got coached 🤩 and now I’m moving towards prima again. It’s been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot for why it happened and I’ve learned a lot for the future. No progress is linear, we are not robots. We are perfectly imperfect 🥳
You’ve got this! ❤️


I would view the last 3 months as a bit of practice & the lead up to getting serious NOW. Do it for you & nobody else.
No more looking for new answers or new diets, no more starting again Monday or tomorrow. No more expecting to be perfect. You are here with us & the last answer you will ever need is right here. No more excuses, just accepting that it might take longer than you want, but better to get to your goal in 6 months or 12 months than never at all.
I would start by watching coaching calls every day, it was training the brain that helped me the most, that’s how I knew without a single doubt, that I was doing this no matter what this time.
Good luck, keep being active in here because we are all here for the same reason 🥰


Hand on heart … if you work on your thoughts 
💭 and don’t “white knuckle it” (base plan, exception plan, feast plan, fast plan … basically a plan for everything) you will realise this time IS different. 💪


I think it’s about understanding that the path is not linear and definitely not all downwards on the scale. A ‘last start’ is about accepting that you’ll have great days, 100% on plan, you’ll have a few of those in a row at times, you have days off plan (planned exceptions or just days that you fall off plan) and you’ll have days you’d rather forget. They are all part of what makes up your ‘last start’. Hand on heart, with integrity you can believe that.
And every time you step back up and learn something from a fall is a win.✨
Baby steps, increasing self awareness and self compassion as you progress towards your goal and realise your dream, however long that takes.🙌💛🤗


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