Tribe News - 2nd May 2022

Oh my goodness!

Welcome welcome to all of our new Tribies. Welcome to our special place. You are now one of us and have the greatest support right here. I hope you feel like you've been wrapped up in a snuggly blanket and hugged.

So now what?

We begin with a Kick Off Call today:
Sydney - Monday 7pm
London - Monday 10am
New York - Monday 5am

The call will be recorded and available shortly after for you to catch the replay if you can't make it.

In this call I'll be sharing all the details about our Tribe, answering all of your questions and getting each one of you set up for an amazing month ahead. 
Old Tribies are welcome and I recommend coming. It's always a great call to get you set up for a great month ahead.

You'll get a 1 hour call reminder email with all the details. Here they are in case you need them:
(You have the option to have your camera on or off. Totally up to you.)

See you there if you can make it.



 This Week:

 Our focus will be intentional pessimism. We will be looking at ALL the things that could possibly go wrong and get in your way stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals. We're going to give our brains permission to let all the doubt out onto paper, all the reasons, circumstances and thoughts that will make it impossible for you. 

AND THEN we're going to investigate them all, without judgement, we're going to look at everything that could go wrong and together on our Group Coaching Calls we're going to find ways to overcome each obstable. We're going to set you up for success ahead of time and be ready. 


Jive For Five:

It's always a fun weekend to watch you all Jive around the world. 
We had ocean swimming off the Isle of Man, Gardening in both the UK and US, country walks in almost every continent, A walk with Grandchildren in Valencia, a Greatest Showman YouTube Dance workout in the UK, a bucket list hike up Mount Picacho in Arizona and SO many other amazing Jives. 

I LOVE seeing your pics and YOU getting out there doing something you don't normally do. My heart is always full with love, pride and admiration on the last weekend of every month when we do our Jives. 

Thank you Tribies for showing up for yourselves. 



All Tribies:

Last year I decided that in 2022 I wanted to get 200 Tribies to Goal Weight. I needed to make it easier and faster without losing the core lessons and perspectives that take time to achieve.

Over the past 6 months I've been working in the background to create great content, that makes it easier and faster for you to learn the lessons and apply them. 

I'm sure you'd agree that the work we've been doing during this time has been getting greater and deeper. 

The outcome of this 6 month focus has been the compiling of clear Guiding Principles and a super simple Process that we keep coming back to. 

I introduced you to the 6 Step Process a few months ago: 
Decide what you want
Set a Plan
Train your brain
Allow your feelings
Show up to your plan
Evaluate and Celebrate

We did the 60 Day Challenge that allowed me to introduce many of the useful new lessons.

And I've seen Tribie after Tribie experience mindset shifts that suddenly create ease and lightness. (don't worry, if you haven't experienced this yet it's coming. These shifts happen small shift by small shift, sometimes a big one but mostly small shifts that add up to life changing results). 

On today's Kick Off Call I'll be sharing more about the Guiding Principles and reintroducing the 6 Step Process. Join us.

I believe strongly that these clear guiding principles and 6 Step Process will make getting to goal weight and living there so much easier. 

My goal is set on 200 Tribies to Prima in 2022. Will you be one of them?


What's On:

Our What's On calendar has been updated. You can find all that's coming up here: 

Group Coaching this week: This week we're focusing on Deciding What you Want. 
For the first 30 minutes of the call I'll be teaching - helping you get your Goal Sheet and Why Sheet ready. The remaining 30 minutes will be coaching.
Amanda's calls will be coaching and whatever else she wants to share with you (always amazing). 

Lot's of love.
Lindell xoxo

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