Tribe News - 23rd May 2022


What a week! 

Tribies, this past week has been one of the biggest of my life. 

I don't know if you'd actually believe it all to be true. Read on if you're interested, skip this part if you already have enough drama in your own life. 

We packed up our home of 14 years, scrubbed the place spotless clean and closed the front door for the final time at 1.30pm on Tuesday.

We headed to a cafe for a quick bite to eat with our support crew (my dad and sister) before we were due to pick up our new house keys at 2.30pm. 

My meal arrives (I was SO hungry) and just as I took my first bite my phone rang... It was my sons school:  "Louis has just started vomiting!"

So we split up to collect the vomiting child (and other son) and the keys and met at our new home.

We unlocked the front door (with sick child resting on the lawn) and entered. What hit us was a slap in the face of the filthiest, smelliest house I've ever been in. 

OMG it was disgusting. 

Old owners had 2 dogs, 2 cats and they smoked in the house. Ewwwwww

I spent 4 FULL days and nights scrubbing scrubbing and scrubbing. I was exhausted. 

Meanwhile Louis continued to be sick (only random vomits when his temperature spiked). 

Saturday morning it crawled into our bedroom unable to walk. We couldn't get him into see a doctor because he had cold and flu symptoms so we called the Nurses hotline and they told us to go straight to emergency. 

My husband spent the day in Emergency with him and it turned out to be a 'Not uncommon' side effect following a virus. (another child presented with the exact same thing at the hospital when they were there). 

So they came home with the instructions to return if he still couldn't walk in 7 days time 😳. Fortunately by Sunday night he could stand up again but his temperature flared again. He's since tested positive to Influenza A. 

We're crossing our fingers and praying that's it and the rest of us dodge it. 

And... we continue to scrub our new house. 

We are starting to love it and settle in, and Louis is officially on the mend. 

I hope you've had a much more uneventful week. 


Love Lindell xoxo

This Week:

This week we will be focusing on Stories.
On our Group Coaching Calls we'll explore the different 'Stories' you tell yourself and how the impact your life and your goals. 

 This is always a super valuable session of kind exploration and discovery and I'm really looking forward to it.

Continue this week with your 3 plans, Fast, Base and Feast. Set your plan for each day and track if you show up to it. 

Come get coached if you're feeling stuck on anything. 



A Buddy is someone you share your journey.

This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Someone who understands you, who holds you accountable, who checks in on you if you've been missing in action, and who you can share wins and falls with.

They know what you're going through, because they are too, no matter what weight each of you are at, the challenges are similar.

I've had a number of accountability buddies over my journey. Some at the same time, some every other month. I've found the switch in buddies has helped me keep motivated.

If you want to switch it up you can, if you want to keep your current buddy you can do that too.

The BEST thing about Fast Mama Tribe is that is it’s not personal if you want to explore. It can be motivating switching it up.

Find a partner that works for you. Try on different buddies, maybe a new buddy each month will motivate you most.

Like a good pair of jeans, find what fits you best.


Ready to try a buddy?

Comment on the Facebook post or email Kimberley at [email protected] if you're not on Facebook.
Share a little about you, how you like communicating, how often you want to check-in and anything else that gives people a good idea what you want and need.


During the week Kimberley will be matching up everyone who has commented or emailed (but hasn't got a match yet) and introducing each of you to your new buddy.

What's On:

Our What's On calendar has been updated. You can find all that's coming up here: 

Lot's of love.
Lindell xoxo

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