Q&A from the Fast 800 Diet Community


As you probably know, I started my Fast 800 journey in January this year. That same week I started The Fast 800 Diet Community on facebook. 

From the beginning I wanted this community to be a supportive place for anyone doing the Fast 800 Diet to find information, support and share wins. 

The Fast 800 Diet Community now has over 26,000 members and has been the key to many successful Fast 800 dieters weight loss. 

It's the awesome members in this community that make it so great. 

Last week I did a live Q&A for the group and one of the members suggested I share it outside the group too. So here's the replay for anyone who wants to know more about the Fast 800 Diet. 

If you're not in the community I recommend you join. 

Success is: 10% Strategy (Fast800 Diet), 10% Community (Fast800 Diet Community) and 80% Mindset.  


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