Tribie Spotlight - Pat Beverly

The incredible Pat Beverly is our Tribie Spotlight this week. 
Pat has achieved SO much over the past year. 

Earlier last weeks she shared in our Facebook Community the following:

"Thought I'd leave this on here for anyone who needs it. The 'before' photo was August 2019, my 60th birthday and the 'after' photo was at my son's wedding in December. Having a big event really kept me focussed but I still have weight to lose. My focus now is to continue to have a feeling like no other, the one when you reach your goals."


It's easy for anyone reading this recent post to think "wow, she's done well", whilst also thinking "how lucky she is to have weight loss be easy. she must be in the zone and focused the whole time making it super easy for her" or something similar.


When we look back over Pat's earlier posts and journey in the Tribe is wasn't a walk in the park. In fact, Pat has had her most difficult year last year and still got to the end of it shining so incredibly bright. Here's a couple of posts from Pat earlier last year:

"I was just reviewing my weight loss on fitbit. The last 3 months seems to be a slow pace, in the last year I've had some challenges, the most devastating being the death of my wonderful husband. Then I looked over the whole fitbit record and can see how far I've come. The first arrow indicates where I discovered the principles of fasting and restricted calorie intake, the second arrow is where I found the Fast Mama tribe.. My current driving force is my son's wedding in 3 weeks. I am 2lbs away from where I wanted to be and have no doubt I will achieve that. A bit more to lose to reach prima but I will continue.
For those of you who, like me, are going at a slower pace, don't be discouraged. Small steps will still get you there.
Thanks to Lindell and all of you, you're responsible for changing my life for the better. Hope you all have a great day ❤❤❤"


"Just reviewed my fitbit weight record. This time last year I was over 2 stones (28 pounds) heavier. I started the Fast800 and was doing well but in January my husband, Derek, died and I lost my way. I eventually did a 5 day challenge and then joined the Fast Mama tribe. It's made such a difference to me and my journey. My son gets married later this year and for once I am confident that I will be a healthy weight for his wedding and beyond. Thanks Lindell and all you amazing tribies, you've helped me through the most challenging time in my life. I've still got a way to go but I WILL reach Prima before the wedding. I think Derek would be proud of me"
Pat, you are one incredible woman. Thank you for choosing YOU every day, for stepping up every time you fall (no matter how long it takes) and for giving us the gift to witness your journey. 

Keep shining bright doing exactly what you've been doing... Being you!
Lot's of love to you.
Lindell xo

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