Lindell's 30 Day's Of Practice - Day 5/30

Day 5 whoa. Where has the week gone?!

I'm -500g

Feeling calm and powerful. I want to do a Write it down and move on worksheet today about the sweet potato chips. Just to check my sneaky brain was really honest yesterday haha.

Today's all about having a plan, using the tools and showing up to my plan.

I'd like to pause and celebrate the week I've had so far. 4 days of following my plan 80%+ and I'm feeling great. These 4 days have been better than my recent average and that was my goal. 
I'm right where I am and I'm stepping forward with practice and progress. 
I might need to do some self coaching today on 'being bored' and being ok being bored. Or decide if I want to add some spice in there. 
I think this is the moment some people come undone. They spend so much of their life putting a lot of energy and focus on weight loss. They get dopamine hits looking for new diets and finding 'possibilities' then when they find one that works they miss the excitement of the search and desire. So fascinating (I used to do that). 

Anyway, quick plan for today before I take the kids to school and go for my quick Friday dip at the beach. 

2 x coffees
2 x teas
Chicken and salad for one meal
Mango, Yoghurt and Coconut for another. 
I really want the mango and yoghurt but I'm not sure it's a full meal. I just realised my brain was telling me I can't have anything else at that meal time ha ha. But I totally can. I get to make this up for myself. 
So when I have the mango and Yoghurt I'll have the leftover salad from last night too. If I'm still hungry after it all I'll have 1 egg for protein. 
Fava beans for afternoon tea and optional chocolate after dinner (had it last night but could have chosen either way). 
Back to the salad left over from last night. It was the amount I would have normally just eaten at pack up because it wasn't that much. 
HUGE WIN packing it up. Plus I've got it for today. Double win. Go me!
Steps 10k
Sleep was 8 hours and like a log
I want to do some stretching tonight too. Goal 10 minutes. 


Just finished dinner and came here to see if I'd planned chocolate tonight. Thanks so much to this morning Lindell 🙌

I'm feeling so good. I was a little hungry earlier on as I had the yoghurt mango and coconut for lunch and it wasn't enough. Good to know I should add an egg (on the side) for a bit of protein or put some protein in it. Before dinner I was a -5 on the hunger scale.
After dinner I'm a +4. 

Just made a cuppa and was going to have the chocolate with it but did a quick urge blocker and decided I no longer feel like it. I can't wait to teach Tribies the urge blockers next week. 

Had a swim this morning, a few calls and work then got into my garden to rotate my orange tree and dig out a yucca stump. A good workout but I'm only at 7800 steps. 
Oh, I just realised my swim should count so my movement must be equivalent to 10k steps. Go me. 

I feel like I should be writing more but I'm tired and want to drink my cuppa in the garden. 

Not much to report other than KITCHENS CLOSED after this cuppa. 


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