Lindell's 30 Day's Of Practice - Day 4/30

Day 4 - 30 Days of Practice


It’s 5.40am. I’m feeling a bit tired, woke up in the night and stayed awake for some time. 

Good to recognise I might be a bit tired today. My plan will be very important then. 


Weight -200g


Other than tired I’m feeling calm. 

Thinking about planning in a 2nd meal today???

I will and I’ll eat to the hunger scale and see if I need it at the time. 


So lunch - Sushi Party Pancake

Meal 2 - Yoghurt and berries if I want it

Meal 3 - Chicken and salad - do not eat the hot chips.

1 piece chocolate.

2 coffees

2 teas.


I feel set. I feel like that’s a realistic plan for today. 


Thoughts: I am calm. I am intentional. I am worthy.
I am living life how I want to live. I am caring for my body how I want to care for it.
The year is not over. The version of me who steps into 2023 will be proud, energetic and shining bright. 

Feelings:Calm and intentional, worthy

Actions: Practise the 6 steps, use the tools especially pause Method, hunger scale and self coaching. Collect HWC and LWC thoughts. 

Result: Progress


Lunch - 12.30pm. Hunger scale -5, ready to eat.

Feeling after my Sushi Party Slopcake +4.
I had a cup of tea after that and now I'm feeling calm and satisfied. Certainly not hungry.


6.20pm waiting for hubby and kids to get home from soccer with dinner. 

I cleaned (half) the house and listened to an amazing call replay from one of my coaches. I learnt some new techniques I'm super excited to teach Tribies to help knock you out of the urgent state of a craving. 

It worked for me! I'll keep practicing it and will teach it next week on call #2 (Call #1 is the Holiday season masterclass). 

I'm feeling super calm right now. 

Hunger scale is about -3. Feeling good. Will eat calmly (I find I rush a bit sometimes thinking my speed will be catching and my kids will eat a bit faster ha ha just realised that). 

A thought that is really feeling powerful for me right now is "I am me". I feel so strong thinking that. Wonder if my coach put some sort of magic trans on me ha ha. 

I'll check in again before I go to bed. Feeling great and on my path.

Dinner was amazing, Greek Salad and Chicken. 
My husband also got sweet potato chips for him and the kids. 
Gosh they looked good. SO good. 
So I dished myself up 4 or 5 chips 
I made some garlic aioli and thought about if I'll eat the chips or not. 
I felt so urgent and uncomfortable. This is where in the past I've eating them quick. 
But today was different (I think it's after the call I listened to from my coach). 
I heard myself say "I can't resist the chips"
Then I calmed myself right down to an almost zen state ha ha.
And I looked at the chips and thought "I don't have to have them but I'm choosing to". 
I made the choice AND I felt so good about it. Not from a place of 'rushed hurry before I notice what I'm doing" but from a place of "this feels like the right decision for me". 
In the past I might have resisted then eaten heaps of the leftovers when I'm cleaning up.
Or allowed myself 4 then served myself more because "I've blown it now". 
But I feel SO calm still, SO proud still and right on track. 
I'm having an amazing week, feeling SO great, living life exactly how I want to live it, that includes having a small bit of something unexpected, sometimes, when I'm making the decision from a calm state of mind. 

Gosh that feels amazing. 

So, 4 chips, Greek Salad and Chicken was my dinner. 
On the hunger scale I'm about +4 maybe even +5. 
I don't have any desire to go and grab something (usually it's my cuppa and a piece of chocolate to calm some feeling (I'll have to explore that further). 

I've got my cuppa and chocolate planned for tonight so I'll have it once I put the kids to bed (If I feel like it). 

Power thoughts I'm having right now:
"I am amazing"
"I can have freedom from food and I do. AND if feels freaking fantastic". 
"oh there you are old friend self pride" 
"whoop whoop I'm living my life how I want to. Whoop whoop".

If you're reading this and feel like I'm different to you, STOP. 
I'm not different to you. 
I did learn a new tool today I'm going to teach you and I'm SO excited for how much it will help you. 

I actually SUPER excited about 2023 and ALL the Tribies that will get to Prima. 
SO excited. 

This is it. 
This is it.
This is life.
Let's live it. 

Light up your life.
Lindell xo 



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