Lindell's 30 Day's Of Practice - Day 2/30

15/11/2022 (warning, my thoughts are a rollercoaster ha ha, enjoy the insight into my interesting brain)

Day 2 - 30 Days of Practice

-1.1kg whoa what a surprise.
I shouldn’t share this with the Tribe. They’ll think: it’s not true, or she has A LOT of weight to lose. They will think I’ve starved myself etc. 

So silly those thoughts. 

I feel like I ate on the hunger scale last night. Glad I had a bit more dinner.
This morning I woke up not hungry at all. I had a disturbed night sleep, lot’s of loo stops.
I feel energetic in my body but tired in my head. 

Breathing deeply I feel calm and intentional. 

Power thought: This is my day! I’m going to live it intentionally. I own it. 

Plan for today: 3 x coffees (don’t judge me ha ha) 2 x cuppas, 

Lunch - Egg and salad omlette with mayo and chilli sauce

Fava beans

Dinner - duck and Greek salad

1 square 78% chocolate after dinner. 

3l water

8 hours sleep (got 7 restless hours last night)

10k steps

How am I feeling right now? 

Busy and slightly frazzled. 2 hours of coaching this morning, kids lunches and to school, met with the builder, grocery delivery and put away, I need a shower and to do SO much this morning and it’s only 9.28am. Add on top I’ve got to go pick up a pedal powered go kart from across Sydney urgh. I shouldn’t have to do that!

I’ve had a great morning. 

It’s a beautiful day. 

A drive across Sydney will give me calm time to listen to a call replay and help me fast through til midday. I’ll go soon. 

My plan is great today. 

I worry I’ll be hungry. But if I’m eating to the hunger scale I won’t be hungry. 

I’ve got a niggling worry that the builder wants a coffee and I haven’t offered him one today. Eeep. Why do I feel responsible to make the builder comfortable.
It’s a choice. It’s my choice.
I’ll offer him one when I”m ready for my next one. In my time. 

T: Today is my day. I’m going to live it how I want. I own this day of mine. It’s a day in my life. MY LIFE! I’m intentional. I’m choosing to live life how I want to live. 

F: Empowered.

A: relax and follow my plan.
R: live intentionally.

And breath. 


Listened to this podcast on the way across Sydney. I've heard it before but far out it's got SO MANY amazing points and lessons in it.

Lunch was amazing. Sushi Party Pancake. 

I felt hungry and rushed eating it a fair bit. 

I was able to pause and recognise this.

Have been doing focus work since and caught myself wanting to get up and make a cuppa to avoid doing the hard work. I pushed through and got it done. Feeling so good. 

Will enjoy a cuppa on the back deck while trying not to look at the mouse we caught. Eeep. (hubby will release him in the local park later today). 

Dinner tonight is duck and salad. I forgot I had a plan and when I was driving earlier I heard the thought “what should I eat?” then reminded myself “I have a plan, and it’s a great plan”.
I feel so calm and relaxed with the plan today. 

Off to have a cuppa.

Ended up doing 1.5 hours of digging, sifting and levelling dirt before I had to pick the kids up. 

Stopped at in laws for a cuppa on way home. Had my MIL’s sugar free biscuit. It had seeds and some dried fruit in it. Just had one. She also fed me a taste of some dessert she’s making. Was Mango and Sabja seeds and I only had a mouthful. I feel completely calm and indifferent about both of them. 


Dinner - Duck breast and Greek Salad. So delicious.
I did the pause method before and after. Feeling satisfied and calm.
About to have my cuppa and chocolate relaxing before getting ready for the Group Coaching Call. 

Gee’s I feel great in myself. 

Step count at 8k. Will probably reach 9k before bedtime. Got early morning calls so aim to be in bed before 10pm. 



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