Lindell's 30 Day's Of Practice - Day 1/30

Intro in today's Tribe News if you missed it:

I was reflecting last week about how I'm feeling and where I'm at. I've felt so tired and I've witnessed myself reach for foods I wouldn't have normally reached for. 
I tracked my food for a day and realised there's a bit there that's crept in that I want to change. 
I don't think I've been living intentionally since my birthday. 

So I've decided to do 30 days of practice and share with you all EVERYTHING I do. This is a big commitment for myself as I have the thought "I shouldn't have to do all the work" but every time I self coach on it I come back with "I want to do the practice because it makes me feel amazing". 

So today is day 1 of 30 days for me. I'll be posting daily here on our Tribe blog. I'll share a little bit on my social media but right here is where ALL the details, self coaching and planning will be shared. 

My wish during these 30 days is:
- I learn new lessons that help me create even greater tools for the Tribe so Tribies can make easier, faster and more permanent progress. 
- I start to feel amazing and energetic again, make myself proud and remind myself of why I want to live this way.
- I show Tribies how human I am and how the 6 steps and the tools have got me. How I use the program and the results I create for myself.

It was fascinating looking back over old check ins and creating a new check in format that I feel great sharing. 

My past check in (3 years ago) was all about weight. 

I felt so sad seeing this. Then I thanked my past self because that version of me got me to where I am today, and I created the new 'guidelines' I wanted to live by. 

Here's my new daily check in I'll share along with Thought Work and Feeling Work. 

I'll share Worksheets I use and my self coaching too. 
It's all here for you to witness. 

If at any time it becomes unhelpful for you, please tune out. 

I have a whole heap of "tooting my own horn' 'big head' 'tickets on myself' stuff to work through along the way but I'm committed to myself and you, that I'll share it all here. 





Day 1 - 30 Days of Practice

I haven’t got a plan, I wasn’t going to weigh myself but decided last minute to. 

Thoughts I had this morning when I felt really strong are:

It’s all in the mindset.
Any feeling or urge I have can be processed and my mindset can be shifted to feel ease.
I want to collect all my HWC and LWC Thoughts, feelings and actions, have a database of information for myself. 

30 days of practice living the life I truly want, one that has me feeling proud, energetic and free.

Freedom is from constant food thoughts, cravings.
It’s interesting, I haven’t used the word craving for a loooong time. I forgot they existed (I thought they existed). 

It’s so cool that I’ve changed my thoughts about them.

Regarding starting, I did think this morning that I should have a plan all laid out, I should have done the shopping and be setup. 

Then I chose to think I can just decide to start and create a plan.
I don’t need everything in perfect order. 

So here I am, getting started, without a plan or shopping being done. 

Plan for today - I’ve already had 2 coffees. 1 long black with a dash of milk at 7.30am (took me an hour to finish) then one flat white at 10am (thank goodness the builder talked a lot so I held out til 10am.

12pm I’ll have a nori wrap with salad and salmon. A bit of garlic dip and chilli sauce. 

2 x cuppa’s today. 

1 x fava beans if I want.

Dinner is bolognese on broccoli. 

No chocolate after dinner today. I can have some tomorrow if I want. 


Exercise is gardening (so much to do). 


I will eat to the hunger scale today.


Thought about getting a handful of nuts. My brain said they were good for me and I might be a bit hungry.
No thanks brain, I’m onto you.
Feeling a little urgent. Cooking Bolognese with the boys. Will eat early dinner (5pm) and close my kitchen.
Reminder to use the hunger scale as I’m already starting to have a little drama about eating at 5pm and not having anything afterwards. 

C: dinner will be at 5pm. I’ll have a cuppa afterwards and close the kitchen. I can have a black tea if I want when the kitchen is closed.
T: holy smokes that seems like a long time. Will I make it? I’m not sure. What if I want something else? 

T: If I want something else I’ll have a cuppa. If I feel very uncomfortable the only problem will be my mindset not my body dying. I’ve got all the tools I need. I’ll survive this. 

T: Breath, deep breath and feel. Slow down and feel. It’s all happening because of a thought. 

T: I know what I want and I’m claiming it for myself. 

T: Let’s go baby!


Some HWC and LWC thinking collected over the past 24 hours:



I should eat all the things before I start

I’m starting and I’m doing this in a way I can live it. So I can have whatever I want as long as I plan it. So I don’t need to eat all the things before I start. 

This is my last start

30 days, holy smokes I need to be strict for 30 days

It’s 30 days of practice. Using all the tools, whenever I need them. 


Any time I feel like I’m stuck or have a problem I can look at my thoughts and figure it all out. 

Agh I need some nuts! They will help me feel better. 

No emotion is too big for me to feel.
All my problems come from the thought line. 


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