Failure - Get Comfortable

Failure Comfort Zones. That's what we're going to be talking about today.

I'm Lindell Pereira also known as Fast Mama.
As I watch new Tribies come through the Fast Mama Program, starting off strong with confidence, then failing and getting back up to keep going.
And I think it's such a beautiful thing.

It's got me thinking about people's comfort level when it comes to failing. 
How comfortable are you at failing? 
What does failure mean to you?

As kids we're taught that failing is bad.  In school,  if you fail, you've got to drop the class. You got to give up the opportunity to learn the thing you didn't learn.

But failing isn't failing. It's progress. It's a step forward. It's a lesson, it's learning.
And when you're on your journey to your goal weight, you're no doubt in the world going to fail.  You're absolutely 100% going to have a time when you fall down.
And if you call that the end, if you have that all or nothing mentality, you give up and you fail anyway.

The days that you don't try, you're failing. The days that you do try and you fall down, you're failing. So you may as well try. Because there's days that you try and you do make progress. You do have a good day. You do advance along your journey to your goal weight, to your prima weight... and you make yourself proud along the way. That's priceless.

So think about your comfort levels of failing.

How do you feel when you think of failing?

Does your body tense up?

Does it make you feel very uncomfortable?

If that's the case you need to learn to practice failing. You need to do things that you may well fail, or have doubt that you'll be able to do. You need to get comfortable with failing.

Because the only way to succeed, the only way to get to a goal and achieve a goal is through failing and learning. You don't just know how to do things and get to a goal.

It's not like everybody who has success, whether it be in business,  in sport, in weight loss... whatever it is, it takes mastering a skill.

The success comes from failing. It comes from practicing and failing.

Take kids learning to walk. I always use that analogy. How many times do they fall down? They don't just think, Oh, I'd like to try walking. I'll jump up and I'll walk. And they walk. It's not how it works. They crawl. They practice sitting. They practice standing. They do that cruising along the couch and things like that before. And they fall so many times before they learn to walk properly without falling. I still fall walking.

Actually I tripped over a dog at the park this week and fell flat on my back side ha ha ha. I'm still failing at walking at 38 years old. But the point of the story is I have so much success walking too.

Failing, get comfortable with it. Failing doesn't have to be all or nothing mentality. Take it step by step. Fail, get back up, Fail, get back up. It's all part of that journey. It's part of that process and who you become in allowing yourself to fail and not judging yourself. When you do fall down, that all builds up into who you are and who you are when you get to goal weight, which is just such an exciting experience to witness.

I interview the prima ballerinas those women in our fast mama TRIBE who have achieved goal weight. I interview them one on one and it's just lights me up every time I interview them, I have about three or four interviews a week at the moment because there's so many getting to goal weight, which is really exciting, but it just lights me up to hear these women are putting themselves first. They're making that decision to get to their goal weight. They're learning. They're not judging themselves. They're learning to love themselves, appreciate the downs, the falls, the get backups. They're mastering that get back up and that's how they're getting to their goal weight and learning how to maintain it.

It's such a beautiful thing. So get out there, do some failing and learn from it. Make progress from it.

Let me know in the comments, When was the last time you failed?

When was the last time you fell down on your diet and got back up?

When was the last time you got back up and it wasn't a Monday?


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