What do you THINK about these current circumstances?



So what do you think about these challenging times? I'm thinking Pereira. I fast mama. And um, this week I had one of my Instagram followers, uh, comment or one of my healthy meals saying that I had posted saying, how can you be doing this in these times? Um, and like in these challenging times. And then that very same day, one of the ladies I coach had said, now is the best time to be doing this. Um, there's no external, um, like temptations.

It's no social distractions. I'm in my, I'm in my bubble. I'm focused, I, I'm, I'm set up for success. And it reminded me of this story I've heard about, um, about these two brothers that, um, grew up one that they, um, well their mom was in prison. She was serving a life sentence and their dad was into drugs and dealing drugs and was in an in and out of prison as well. And between his care, they were in foster care,

in and out, but they were always together, stuck together. Um, and one of them were when they grew up, one of them went to college, became a very successful business guy. And then the other one, um, followed down the track of his mum and dad and he got into drugs and doing drugs and was in and out of prison as well. And um, when they were both asked as adults, how come you laughed to end out this way?

Crazy. They both had the exact same moment. So with parents like mine, how could it not?

It still gives me goosebumps to hear that story and, and think about it. Um, and you think,

wow, fuck up like there too. That is the best example of your thoughts and how your thoughts create your results as well.

One of them became a very successful businessman because he couldn't bear the thought of turning out to be like his dad,

mom and dad. The other one became that thing thing as his mom and dad cause it'd be sports around that.

Um, and it, it, it, I was reminded of that when I, when I saw it,

when I, when I saw the ladies, um, comment. And then, um, my, my,

the lady I coach had said like, this is the best time. I thought, wow. It's so like thoughts really do create our results,

create our actions. Um, and so what I want to share, like challenge you to do is to be observant to your thoughts.

Just, just observe them. Don't judge them because thoughts are, um, they're in there and that they happen without filter,

uh, which is human, right? So, um, and, and when you, when you observe your thought and you see a thought,

me hear a thought come through your head, just think that's interesting. That's an interesting thought. Do I want to change it?

You have a choice to change it as well. And maybe even sit down and write about what you think about these challenging times in our world.

What are your thoughts about that? Is that how you want to continue thinking about it or do you want to choose to change it and think differently as,

um, because like what, practicing in the classroom and try to, to change out thoughts in terms of this,

um, and being really positive in these times. Um, and, and what can we do? What's in our control?

What difference can we make to ourselves and to those in our, you know, um, you know,

worlds as well. So I encourage you to think about your thoughts, observe your thoughts, um, and write them down and circle the ones that you might want to change when you might want it.

Try it. Try on you thought you can try on dresses, have a go at some different thoughts and see how they serve.

You. See how they, they help you in your, in getting that, changing that outcome that you've been getting.

Um, I heard that been helpful. Let me know in the comments. Um, if you're watching,

are you thinking well about these, these challenging times in our world? Are you using it to make a change in your life,

um, for the good or are you stuck and do you need help? Can I help you? Let me know in the comments if I can help you with that as well.

Take care guys.



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