A note from Lindell - 2nd January 2022


Far out 2021, what a year you were. 

Each of us is very much a different women leaving 2021 as to entering it. 

We've had so many experiences and emotions through the year and when we look back over it I want you to notice that you are still here! You are still standing (or leaning against a wall if you're like me right now). 

Life is not always easy. It has many hard times in it.

It also has so much joy weaved throughout and if we just focus on the hard times we rob ourselves of the good times and memories. 

I don't want you to be fake and pretend when you're not feeling positive but I do want to encourage you to try in 2022 to find the positives in situations and highlight them. 

As we set our goals for 2022 over the next week (that will be next weeks lesson), I want us to focus on making ourselves proud in 2022 above all else. 
There's so many circumstances we can't control and if we can focus on showing up and making ourselves proud first and foremost we will experience the year in a different light. 

Thank you for being you beautiful Tribies. 
Thank you for being a part of my 2021. 

I look forward to shining so bright together with you in 2022 (oh my goodness that rhymes, I think I'm going to need to say that a lot this year). 

Lot's of love from me to you. 

Lindell xo


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