60 Day Challenge

💃🥳💃🥳 The very first 60 Day Challenge is here 💃🥳💃🥳

Holy smokes am I excited for what you will create in the pages and days ahead. 


60 Days that will change your life forever. 

This challenge will help you create the life you want to live.

We're going to:

1) Set you up with 3 goals that will have you Shining SO BRIGHT:
- 60 Day Goal
- 2 Monthly Jive Goals.
- 3 daily habits

2) Complete 14 Days of Choreography

3) Then I'll be walking you through the Foundation Program bit by bit, week by week, ensuring every single Tribie is set up to achieve your health goals and the life you dream of. 

 EVERYTHING will be saved in one spot in the Backstage area under Mini Courses and Masterclasses. Use this link to go straight there: https://www.fastmamatribe.com/products/masterclasses-mini-courses/categories/2149531735/posts/2154802786

This challenge is for every Tribie, no matter what stage you're at or how long you've been Prima, I'm determined that every single one of you has THE 2022 you dream of. 

I 100% believe everyone of you CAN and WILL achieve your goals this year.

All you need to do is:

- Stop judging yourself
- Set a plan
- Show up
- Feel great

And when you find yourself not doing those 4 things...


That's it. 

How we're going to dance (do this 60 Day Challenge):

Monthly Planner + 60 Day Workbook - use the 2 of these together through the 60 Day Challenge.

Weekly Lesson and Checklist - Every Sunday I will send out a weekly lesson and checklist to guide you through the 60 Days. These can be completed in your own time each week.

Coaching - I strongly recommend getting coached through the 60 Days. Anytime you feel like you're not on track, your actions aren't what you want them to be, you doubt that you can do it, or you realise you're juding yourself, come and get coached. You have 2 options: 

1) Live coaching - Come to the Group Coaching Calls with Amanda and I. Put your hand up and get help. Every single thing you bring us is good enough to coach. 

2) Written coaching - Use #coachmeplease in the Facebook group or Backstage community, let us know what you want coaching on and we'll coach you right there on the page.


You have EVERYTHING you need. 

Stop judging yourself, set a plan, show up and feel great, you WILL get results!

Use your planner. 

This is 60 Days of living life, not 60 Days of strict grit weight loss perfection. 

We're going for progress not perfection. 

Every single time you fall down, step back up and carry on.


You CAN do it.


Stand tall and shine bright my friend. 



For all the details, workbook and week 1 lesson visit:



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