Tribe News - 9th May 2022


Who's crushing it!?! 

You're all crushing it!?! 🥳💃🙌

Whether your brains says you are or not, you ARE. 

And if you want to be crushing it more than you are, show up, get coached, do the work. 


Let week on our Group Coaching Calls I took you through the Goal Sheet and the Why Sheet. 

Hopefully you spent some time creating your own and you've got a copy you can read every morning (and night would be even better). 

I wanted to share my why's for living my life the way I do. 

Having achieved my goal weight I did this exercise and have been reading these each day to remind me why I show up each day.

Using the Why Sheet I list them by answering:
Achieving my goal weight will create...
This is important to me because...

💛 Creates more energy and feeling of wellness. 
Important because I have less moments of deep tiredness and exhaustion.\

💛 Creates comfort in all of my clothes.
Important because feeling uncomfortable in clothes really affects my mood and how I live my day.

💛 Creates pride that I'm looking after myself and doing hard things.
Important because it's how I want to live my life. I don't want to die with regret.

💛 Creates a healthier me.
Important because it may extend my life. It will certainly have the years I live be better quality and set a great example for my family and friends.

💛 Creates Proof of self-respect, self-love and self-worth.
Important to me because I want to show myself that I know I am worthy and loved.

💛 Creates less mind drama and negative self talk.
Important to me because it consumes a lot of time and energy and I want to live with less of it to spend that time and energy on other things that matter to me. 

💛 Creates more joy in my life.
This is important to me because when I'm showing up to my plan I feel more joyful and I do more fun things, the light-hearted living ignites.

💛 Creates living my mission and shining SO bright.
This is important to me because I'm embodying light up my life and others with love, laughter, growth and vitality. 

💛 Creates me being me fully, thriving and shining.
This is important to me because that's who I am and I deserve to be that version of me. 

Borrow these, change them, do what you like with them, these are mine and for me and I hope you create your own for you (even if they are the same of similar, claim them as your own). 

Feel free to share yours in the Facebook Group or on your daily check in if you want (obviously no pressure to do so).

You can catch the replay to the group coaching calls here.

This Week:

This week we will be focusing on setting a plan.
On our Group Coaching Calls I'll teach you the 3 types of plans you want to be practicing setting and showing up to.

I want you to continue to focus on setting a realistic plan and showing up to it. 
Master this and you're certain to get to goal weight. 

Monthly Power Up
This coming Sunday we'll have our Monthly Power Up Session. Find out what time it is on for you here in What's On.



A Buddy is someone you share your journey.

This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.
Someone who understands you, who holds you accountable, who checks in on you if you've been missing in action, and who you can share wins and falls with.
They know what you're going through, because they are too, no matter what weight each of you are at, the challenges are similar.
I've had a number of accountability buddies over my journey. Some at the same time, some every other month. I've found the switch in buddies has helped me keep motivated.
If you want to switch it up you can, if you want to keep your current buddy you can do that too.
The BEST thing about Fast Mama Tribe is that is it’s not personal if you want to explore. It can be motivating switching it up.
Find a partner that works for you. Try on different buddies, maybe a new buddy each month will motivate you most.
Like a good pair of jeans, find what fits you best.
Ready to try a buddy?
Comment on the Facebook post or email Kimberley at [email protected] if you're not on Facebook.
Share a little about you, how you like communicating, how often you want to check-in and anything else that gives people a good idea what you want and need.
During the week Kimberley will be matching up everyone who has commented or emailed (but hasn't got a match yet) and introducing each of you to your new buddy.

What's On:

Our What's On calendar has been updated. You can find all that's coming up here: 

Lot's of love.
Lindell xoxo

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